Some Safety Mattrs Safety tips for Kids

Small items like batteries and coins are a serious choking hazard...

Choking hazards

– Small items like batteries and coins are a serious choking hazard. Parents need to know swallowing a battery is a medical emergency and child needs to be transported to Emerg immediately. Scour your home for choking hazards poisioning hazards like chemicals. Cleaners, medications, batteries, coins etc
and store them safely away where kids cant climb and get them.

Glass doors windows

– Discourage active play or jumping games around glass doors or windows. We used to play a “hot lava floor” game as kids and one day my sister jumping from one sofa to another put her leg right through a glass door and had a very serious life threatening cut. 911 responded and dozens of stitches were required to ensure her safety. On windows on second stories put safety latches to prevent a child falling from them.

Fire safety

– Have a fire evacuation plan for your home. Practice it 2x year. Make it fun! Give rewards to members for getting out safely within 1-2 mins. Celebrate! Stay low crawl under smoke. Have two exits each person. Check doors then crack then handle for heat before opening. Get out stay out. Locate each other at a landmark like big tree or neighbours patio. Don’t go back in home for any reason, belongings, pets, people! Thats the fire depts job. Often people in confusion go back in searching for family on other side of home already out!

Stranger Danger

– Avoid / Refuse to go with anyone you do not know. Have a code word with folks if they are sending someone to pick you up. No adult should ever ask you to find a lost pet or offer you candy or money or a ride. If you feel unsafe put distance between you. Find another adult ie bang on someones door or stop another adult if an adult is persistently bothering you. Dont keep secrets ever from your parents. Never let anyone touch you below your swimsuit areas. Its never ok to do that unless theyre a doctor or nurse helping you.

Drown Proof!

– Drowning can happen quickly. Parents should never leave kids around water unattended. Avoid water play without a lifejacket in boats or unless a supervised swimmer in pools or backyards, lakes rivers beaches etc.

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